Noble CX partners with Conga

It is with great pleasure we announce that Noble CX has partnered with Conga, to collaboratively offer their suite of solutions to our new and existing Salesforce customers.

Conga\’s most popular solution, Conga Composer, allows you to create sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce with data directly from your standard or custom objects. The Conga Suite will allow your team to simplify the challenging document generation maze and help you to streamline your processes and end user experience.

Use cases for Conga include:

  • Quickly generate complicated Quotes to help your sales team be more efficient
  • Create professional Proposals that automatically pull data from your Salesforce instance
  • Sharply decrease your payment cycle by streamlining your Invoice and Receipts process
  • Standardise your Contract process so you can close deals faster
  • Harness the power of your data with Internal Reports

Contact Noble CX today to learn how we can help you identify process bottlenecks and discover efficiency opportunities that you’ve felt but may have difficulty putting a finger on.