JDRF & Salesforce Breakfast Session

No more silos: how JDRF transformed their database strategy.

When it becomes clear that your existing database isn’t meeting the needs of your organisation, choosing to move away from it and finding the right database can be overwhelming. Hearing from others, their experience, and their success can help you with your strategic decisions.

As an organisation dedicated to accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat Type 1 Diabetes and its complications – JDRF realised that their previous database, although well used:

  • did not give them a complete picture of their supporters as data was siloed
  • was contributing to inefficiencies across teams
  • lacked the reporting capability to give them real time insights that were easy to access

Join Helen Barker, Project Manager at JDRF and Ramtin Sohrabian, Solution Architect and Co-Founder of NobleCX, over breakfast as they take you through these very common issues, showcasing how the implementation of Salesforce helps JDRF toward achieving their mission.

Who should attend

  • Database Managers and Fundraisers who want to improve their current database or are looking to move to a new one
  • Project Managers looking to explore how other organisations have successfully transitioned from one database to Salesforce have successfully transitioned from one database to Salesforce
  • Anyone with an interest in how charities are utilising Salesforce
  • When: Friday, 31 May 2019
  • Where: Salesforce, Darling Park, Level 12 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Time: Breakfast, networking and registration from 8.30am, finishing at 9.30am.

Helen Barker

Project Manager

Ramtin Sohrabian

Salesforce Solution Architect