Frontier Services – Salesforce Implementation Case Study
Frontier Services – Salesforce Implementation Case Study

Technology that delivers smarter fundraising, greater efficiency and long-term donor relations for Frontier Services.

The foundation for a connected Nonprofit

Frontier Services had multiple systems that created data inconsistencies and impacted workflows. Whilst staff were diligent in entering information, limited training together with disconnected data systems, made it difficult to generate reports that provided true value to the organisation.

The implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Volunteer Management and Autopilot, provided the foundation for a flexible platform that empowers the organisation to engage more deeply with constituents – ultimately advancing Frontier Service’s mission.

Frontier Services – Salesforce Implementation Case Study

To create growth and efficiencies we needed to create one source of truth for the organisation. We needed to find a way that our solutions supported our business and not be in a position where our business processes were built to support a system.

Jannine Jackson, National Director

Smarter management of relationships and payments

For Frontier Services, not having a 360 degree view of the supporters and data inconsistencies across multiple platforms was not only impacting day-to-day operations, it was also affecting partner relationships, fundraising opportunities and reporting capabilities.

The implementation of Salesforce resulted in better access to data, a reduction in platform inconsistencies and automation in processes including recurring donations.

Overall Frontier Services has a central source of truth and comprehensive reporting.

Frontier Services – Salesforce Implementation Case Study
Frontier Services – Salesforce Implementation Case Study

NobleCX way

Frontier Services turned to NobleCX for assistance with implementing Salesforce to manage their fundraising and volunteer data.

Once we had a clear understanding of what Frontier Services were trying to achieve, we worked with them to ensure the solution was delivered combining best practices and our unique Nonprofit industry knowledge.

Frontier Services wanted a solution they could utilise from day one, but also had a vision that they needed something for the future that can grow with them.

What’s next?

The CRM implementation, and integration of Autopilot eliminated the need to capture customer information and donations on multiple platforms.

With Salesforce and Autopilot integrated seamlessly, Frontier Services is automating communication, donor and volunteer journey’s and building smarter interactions.

They are seeing growth and efficiencies across all aspects of their business.

An example of improved efficiency is the organisation’s regular giving program which used to take a day, now takes 10 minutes to process.

With Frontier Services donor journeys; their first fundraising events program went from raising $45K to $180K.

These successes are due to several factors, but one important factor was having a suite of integrated systems that supported their fundraising programs.

This growth in revenue and efficiencies mean that they are building an innovative culture and their system is supporting this shift.

From marketing communications to community engagement, fundraising to program management, technology is now integral to delivering on their mission of connecting remote Australians.

About Frontier Services

We live in a society where people are more isolated, and there’s less contact. Especially people who live in the bush. Frontier Services cares for people in remote Australia by providing services and support to people in isolated places.

They are the companion who turns up out of the blue to lend an ear, give a helping hand, and be of service. It’s the Australian way of giving everyone a fair go, and helping other folk.

A national charity that covers 86% of Australia, Frontier Services provides practical, pastoral and spiritual care to enable wellbeing and quality of life. The organisation as an agency of the Uniting Church funds chaplaincy, advocates for people and communities, and mobilise volunteers and resources where they are needed most. And they’ve been doing it since 1913.