Multi-Factor Authentication in Salesforce

You may have heard of the upcoming requirement to enable MFA for your Salesforce Org but what does that mean for your Organisation, and how can Noble CX help?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the process of using two or more methods to authenticate your identity. Often this is something that you have, and something that you know ie: your debit card and pin number.

The requirement for MFA is a global initiative of Salesforce in order to strengthen security around your constituents personal data.

Failure to implement MFA by 1 February 2022, will result in a breach of your Salesforce Contract and is likely to disrupt your access.

MFA is required to be enabled for all internal users for Salesforce products and its partner applications. Before switching on MFA, you will need to resolve any shared accounts or credentials that are in use, as each user needs to set up a unique verification method. If multiple users are sharing a single account, only one person will be able to log in to that account after MFA is enabled.

The good news is, external users such as those with Chatter and Community licenses are exempt from this requirement.

If you log into Salesforce through centralised logins such as using your Google or Microsoft login, you are required to enable MFA at the source of this Single Sign On (SSO). If you have a mixture of SSO and direct login, MFA will need to be enabled for both login types.

Eligible methods of authentication are:

  • Time Based – through free apps such as Salesforce Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.
  • Security Keys – a physical key such as YubiKey or Titan Security Key.
  • Built In – an identification tool built into your device such as Face ID, Touch ID or Windows Hello.

A method that is not eligible is:

One time codes – sent through email, text message or a phone call

The recommended method to reduce friction is Salesforce Authenticator. Users can allow the app to automate the extra authentication step when they work from a trusted place, like the office or home — which means they don’t have to touch their phones when they log in from these locations. 

Below is a few ways in which we can help you with this change:

  • Coordinate with your IT team to confirm the best method and timeline for your Organisation
  • Complete the required configuration and activation on your behalf
  • Provide cheat sheets and user orientation

How can we help?

The team at NobleCX is happy to perform the implementation for you, and are offering a set fee of $650 ex GST. If you’d like to take us up on the offer, please get in touch by filling in the form below.

Once we receive the payment via the form, we will get in touch to schedule a time to complete the implementation.