The New, The Awesome, The Great NPSP Reporting Workbook is Out!

On Monday this week we published a blog post and highlighted the importance of reports and to be very specific annual reports for nonprofits.

As promised this post focuses on the new reports that are available in NPSP, actually 67 of them – right out of the box at no additional cost.

Nonprofit Salesforce Admins and Development personnel are being asked to provide more and more data about their organisations, but seem to have less and less time to prepare reports. Nonprofit Success Pack harnesses the power of Salesforce reports and dashboards to deliver data to you—right out of the box.

What’s in it for you

In the extensive list of NPSP reports, you’ll find reports that track Donors and giving, Grants, Memberships, Campaign ROI, and more.

Salesforce NPSP Lightning ReportsYou can use these reports just as they are, or customise them to meet your specific needs. Of course if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always create new reports using the Report Builder, but we recommend customising the out-of-box reports before you go that route…

If you’ve been using NPSP for a while, you’ve probably used the older reports in the NPSP 3.0 report folders. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the new reports available in NPSP version 3.90 (February 2017).

All in all, NPSP offers 67 new reports and 4 new dashboards.

Available Reports & Dashboards

The sections below provide a complete list of the reports and dashboards available with NPSP.

NPSP Constituent Reports

wdt_IDReport NameDescription
2 All Contacts All Contacts in your organisation.
3 All Organisations Accounts that are not One-to-One, Individual Bucket, or Household Accounts.
4 All Relationships All Relationships in your org, with only one record from a Reciprocal Relationship.
5 Current Members (Contacts) Current members grouped by Membership End Month.
6 Engagement Plan Tasks Open tasks and their assigned users that are related to Engagement Plans.
7 Lapsed Members (Contacts) Contacts whose memberships have lapsed, grouped by Membership End Date.
8 Memberships Over Time New memberships over the lifetime of your org, grouped by Membership Join Date.
9 New Members Members who joined in the last 60 days
10 New Renewals Members who have renewed in the last 60 days.

NPSP Fundraising Reports

wdt_IDReport NameDescription
1 10% Increase Projection Provides 10% increase projection figures over Last Gift and Last Year Total Gifts
2 Account LYBUNT Accounts that donated last year but unfortunately not this year (LYBUNT).
3 Account SYBUNT Accounts that donated some year, but unfortunately not this year (SYBUNT).
4 Accounts by Best Gift Year All Accounts grouped by their highest giving year.
5 Campaign ROI Analysis Provides return on investment figures for Campaigns with Actual Cost.
6 Closed/Won Opps by Household All Closed/Won Opportunities grouped by giving Household Account
7 Closed/Won Opps by Type and Fiscal Year Matrix report of Closed/Won Opportunities by Record Type and Fiscal Year
8 Closed/Won Opps by Type and Payment Matrix report of Closed/Won Opportunities by Record Type and Payment information.
9 Closed/Won Opps by Type, GAU, and FY Matrix report of Closed/Won Opportunities by Record Type, GAU Allocation, and Fiscal Year.
10 Contact LYBUNT Contacts who donated last year, but unfortunately not this year (LYBUNT).

NPSP Dashboards

wdt_IDDashboard NameDescription
1 Development Analysis

Compare giving this year to the previous three years and get a quick overview of your recent and top donors.

2 Development Forecasting

Review giving in your pipeline, and find and cultivate new potential donors.

3 Giving Range Analysis

Break your donors into groups and review each individually for patterns year over year.

4 NPSP Campaign ROI Analysis

Compare your fundraising campaigns and analyse their success.

How Can We Help

Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about these reports or find out about your current version of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

We are here to help you to upgrade to the latest version of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).